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We help you connect to the digital world without financial burden. Our team is struggling to provide professional advice to help you.

Meet Our Team

Perry K. Smith – Founder and Lead Social Worker


Perry K. Smith

Perry K. Smith holds a master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Digital Futures, specializing in determining eligibility for government assistance programs. He is a social worker who promotes equal access to technology by making people aware of how to connect to the digital world. He is developing an app targeting government assistance programs focusing on digital access grants and educational subsidies. He aims to simplify the application process for needy individuals, particularly those looking to enhance digital literacy.

In addition, Perry has led over 100 digital literacy workshops, empowering attendees with essential skills. His work is recognized worldwide, and the National Council for Digital Equality awarded him the Digital Champion Award in 2023. This underscores his dedication to creating opportunities for those who need them most across the United States.

You can contact Perry at [email protected].

Rebecca C. Adam’s – Content Writer


Rebecca C. Adams, Ph.D.

Rebecca has a Global Tech University Ph.D. in Information Technology and Social Change. She is a great researcher and Content Writer exploring the impacts of technology. Her research focuses on digital inclusion strategies to combat the digital divide. Rebecca presented her findings about technology’s impact on social change at the Conference of Technology for Social Impact Summit(2021).

Her work has demonstrated improvements in employment opportunities and community involvement, impacting over 2000 participants. You can contact Rebecca at [email protected].

Our Mission

We believe technology can transform lives. Our team’s combined expertise in technology, social work, and digital literacy provides reliable guidance on getting a free tablet through government programs. So, we are dedicated to making it accessible so no one is left behind without connectivity.

Why Us?

Getting a free tablet is not one-size-fits-all, and everyone has a unique situation when it comes to it. Our team understands the complexity of eligibility, the application process, and digital literacy with a solid commitment to promoting digital connectivity. So, our content is designed to empower you to take action and get the technology you need.